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With over 40 years of experience as sound and design specialists and backed by a world renown team of experts in the audio, acoustics and vision industry, Phantom-Audio provide high end products and services that are second to none.

Perfect audio and vision are what real experts in the sound and cinema business strive to reproduce for the audience experience, whether for a cinema audience or listening to music as if hearing it direct from the primary source. To achieve this level of perfection, technology has to be taken to another level and only the superlative specialists are successful in eliminating distortion. The Phantom-Audio team approaches the problem not by making adjustments to equipment but by producing innovative components, accurate calibrations and room adjustments. The end result is an installation which provides audiences with the ultimate experience the professionals intended whether listing to audio technology, watching in a home theatre or working in a private music studio.

Using sleek and sophisticated designs, when it comes to installation of home theatres, we can supply private home designers with everything they need from start to finish including acoustic building materials and integrated room design through to the latest Atmos, DTS:X and Auro 3D format home cinema technology.

No matter what your requirements in respect of an end-to-end service including custom design, high-end audio and video technology, Phantom-Audio will provide the solution. The finished product will not only be aesthetically stunning but also a sensory stimulating experience unique to your home, business and specific requirements.

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